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Do you enjoy repairing your car? Truth be told, there are a lot of good reasons to do it: it can save you money on labor costs, you can gain a greater knowledge of your vehicle and even learn something new. The danger, though, is that you may find yourself diagnosing the problem incorrectly and buying and installing the wrong parts. This can be a very expensive mistake! Luckily, the friendly staff at the Turner Automotive department can help! We are located near Grand Junction, CO, and we have most Chevrolet and GMC parts available and we can help you pinpoint the perfect auto component for your need and budget. We are considered one of the biggest suppliers in city so regardless of whether you require, brake pads etc, or are just looking for the right accessory, our showroom is the best place in the area. If you need help figuring out the problem with your car and would prefer to have a licensed professional mechanic finish the work, make sure you set up a service appointment or call us at (970) 765-0100 for Chevrolet and GMC parts requirements in Montrose near Ridgway. Regardless, we look forward to working with you soon.

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